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Me Made May & Slowing Down

Me Made May 2019

Hi! I’m Jenna, usually on instagram as @theladywholunches

Jenna smiling in front of a train in a seersucker Zadie jumpsuit.
This Zadie Jumpsuit from Paper Theory was probably my favorite Me Made May Outfit. So easy, and very comfy on a warm anniversary trip to Sacramento.

Last year was my second year participating in Me Made May and the first year of Me Made May Plus! I participated in a big way, challenging myself to wear mostly me-made garments everyday, and to post the outfit everyday to my Instagram grid. I usually rely on my reluctant husband to take my photos, so I knew if I wanted to get a daily shot, I needed a different plan. I got very lucky in a new office colleague who is also a photographer and great admirer of my wardrobe. She agreed to trade 5-10 minutes of her services every weekday in May for a Jenna-made jumpsuit, made to measure in a fabric of her choice. I also taught her to knit. Win-win! Our little mid-morning breaks were a welcome respite from our windowless office in San Francisco’s Civic Center. Weekends, I still relied on my husband.