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Sized Out – Fat Sewing and Me


My name is Katherine /Kat (@unapologeticallykat on Instagram) and I began sewing clothes for myself very very recently. I started primarily because I couldn’t find the clothes I wanted to wear in my size. I am fat. I have always been fat. I wear between a size 20 and 26 in Australian brick and mortar stores and at online retailers like ASOS. I have always felt excluded from mainstream clothing stores and from fashion in general. So much so that I avoid bricks and mortar stores like the plague. Too many horrifying incidents with shop assistants. And even when do try to find something most of the offerings for fat women are dowdy, garishly coloured or patterned and adorned with diamante’s for some reason. Maybe they think that the shine from the diamante’s would distract people from realising that I’m fat. Who knows? I have always struggled to find the clothes I want to wear. I’ve been fixated on fashion from a young ago and would sketch out outfits for myself on the daily. Growing up though I realised that most of the clothes I wanted to wear either didn’t exist or where only available to smaller bodies than mine. My love of clothes has never gone away and that’s wear sewing my own came in.