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Sketching Me Made May

Hi everyone. I’m Andie from Sew Pretty in Pink. Last year for Me Made May, I set out a challenge that I have never done before. Not only did I wear me made garments all month, I also sketched every outfit. Over the years, I’ve created an entire wardrobe of me-made garments and I wear them every day. For me, Me Made May wasn’t a huge challenge to wear 3 or 4 or even more than that for handmade clothing. I wanted to have more fun with it and set out to create a sketch for every outfit using My Body Model croquis for it. Each My Body Model croquis is based on your own measurements to create the outline of your body. I have been creating sketches with my croquis for a while since I helped in the beta testing. I also chose to create each sketch digitally to make it easier to share the images. On top of that, I made themes for each week: dresses, skirts, comfy clothes, and rainbow, where I themed a monochromatic outfit with some of the colours of the rainbow. I also had a couple of days where I didn’t take a picture but I did sketch it out.

Let’s take a look at last year’s Me Made May: