Fat Sewing Club is a little project from me, Jess.

I’m mostly on Instagram at @fat.bobbin.girl, I blog at Broad In The Seams, and I’m 1/2 of plus-size sewing pattern company Muna and Broad (I’m the person behind the social media account at @MunaAndBroad).

If you’re in New Zealand, I also print A0 and 36″ PDF Sewing Patterns through ChCh Sews.

I started sewing beginner plus size sewing patterns back in 2017, and am still sewing easy plus size patterns now. I now have a mostly me-made wardrobe although I’m not sure if I would still sew if I could buy ready-to-wear clothing that met my natural fibre, style, sustainability, and ethical requirements.

I sew only digital sewing patterns (which you buy as PDF files and print out), and most of my wardrobe is, of course, Muna and Broad.