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Fat Friendly Pattern Companies for Beginners

Hello Fat Sewing Club! My name is Alex, a fat sewer you can find as @adifferentstitch over on Instagram where I sporadically post, but story regularly. I’m passionate about an inclusive sewing community for everyone.

With that in mind and with the latest round of pattern exclusivity, I posted a question in my Instagram stories asking for community recommendations for beginner-friendly pattern companies for fat sewers. I got a whopping 89 responses, and 28 different pattern companies were recommended!

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Opportunity Knocks: Tips for inclusive patterns.

Hello Fat Sewing Club! My name is Alex, a fat sewer you can find as @adifferentstitch over on Instagram. I’ve known how to sew most of my life, but have only been actively sewing garments since 2013.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve had so many amazing conversations around size in/exclusivity. These conversations lead to expanded size ranges, better representation of all bodies in pattern promotions, greater transparency in business decisions, though, as fantastic posts here have shared, there’s still a lot of change left to happen.

For many designers, it appears that this drive for positive, inclusive change can be overwhelming. So, I* present some practical and relatively simple ways to make pattern companies more inclusive. These are things that I’ve picked up in conversations with other sewers, through my observations using patterns, and seeing what other companies have been doing well on social media and their websites. Please, share your ideas in the comments and help build this resource.