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My favourite part of sewing

My favourite part of sewing, the thing I love the most, the thing that drives me to do it…. is to have access to clothes.

I sew so that I can wear clothes.

My favourite part of sewing is wearing clothes.

There’s no correct way to grow (or not grow) as a sewist.

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Fat Sewing Resources

Here’s a roundup of Fat Sewing resources for the community. We’d love to use this page to roundup the resources into one place! Let us know in the comments if there’s other places that we should link!

Plus-size patterns over 60″ hip

Here’s a list of patterns over 60″ hip. from Broad in the Seams, and here’s a list of plus-size sewing patterns over a 50″ hip or 50″ bust.

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Sketching with My Body Model

Hi team, it’s Jess from Fat.bobbin.girl and BroadInTheSeams here. I wanted to share some inspiration and ideas that you might be able to use during #MMMayPlus2020 (either as part of participating or your wardrobe planning in general)!

Want to know more about Me Made May (the idea that started MMMayPlus2020) and have your burning questions answered? Check out this FAQ!

My Body Model is offering 15% off any purchase of 1-5 download codes between April 28-May 8. Use code ‘MEMADEPLUS’

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What is Fat Sewing.Club?

Fat Sewing Club has been set up as a home for Me Made May Plus (#MMMayPlus) information, a place to share thoughts about fat sewing!

We’re going to be rounding up blog posts about fat sewing, and we’re planning some giveaways to celebrate #MMMayPlus2020 too!

To stay up-to-date with the latest, follow along on Instagram at @FatSewing.Club or sign up to the email newsletter here.

Fat Sewing News


There’s lots planned for May, and spreading some plus-size sewing love!

Check out #MMMayPlus, #MeMadeMayPlus, and the #MeMadeMay2019Plus hashtags for an idea of how people were involved with Me Made May Plus in 2019!

What’s Me Made May?

Me Made May is the brainchild of Zoe from the blog ‘So, Zo’. Read more about Me Made May 2020 here and see her list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

How to be involved?

As Zoe explains in her FAQ, there’s no right way to get involved with Me Made May, and the same goes for Me Made May Plus!

You can share photos, share your outfit in your stories, take some artistic flat-lays of your outfits, sketch your outfit on a croquis (or use My Body Model croquis if you have them), or you can do none of the above and just concentrate on enjoying wearing your me-made items!

You don’t have to wear 100% me-made every day, you get to decide how much or how little you’d like to do!

What’s happening for #MMMayPlus2020?

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