What fashion school didn’t teach me: Learning to “see” fat beauty

I am a newcomer to the indie sewing pattern scene. I taught myself how to make my own patterns in high school, after several frustrating experiences with Big Four patterns. I went on to get my bachelor’s degree in fashion design, and for the past decade or so, I’ve made one-off sewing patterns in a… Continue reading What fashion school didn’t teach me: Learning to “see” fat beauty

Fat Sewing Resources

Here’s a roundup of Fat Sewing resources for the community. We’d love to use this page to roundup the resources into one place! Let us know in the comments if there’s other places that we should link! Plus-size patterns over 60″ hip Here’s a list of patterns over 60″ hip. from Broad in the Seams,… Continue reading Fat Sewing Resources

I am enough

Hello! I’m Emma (@emma.m.makes over on insta) and I’m a Canadian sewist living in Denmark. I moved here with my husband last year after graduating with a BA in textile design and sadly had to leave the fabric shop I worked at/my sewing family. I miss it immensely so joining the sewing community on instagram… Continue reading I am enough

Sewing saved me.

TW: talk of death, body measurements, depression, weight, weighing, body image, body positivity The other day, Jess (@Fat.Bobbin.Girl on Instagram), posed a question that really got me into my feels.  The question: What has sewing meant to you/ what has sewing enabled you to do?