1. What an empowering post!!
    I’m still new to sewing but it is absolutely helping me to accept my body. Love your comment about measurements being nothing more than data to make your clothes!

  2. Thank you for this post, Sam! You have been through a LOT and I’m so happy you are part of our community!

  3. I have been blessed with; being tallish (5’7) having broad shoulders (very, broad) a long waist (lots of room between bottom ribs and hip bones…so, tiny waist) and very broad hipbones (you need to stop horseback riding. It’s making your butt big) yes, well!
    “They” can”put it where the sun don’t shine”
    I started learning to sew when I was about ??three, because I loved fabric, handling fabrics and the old laces and embroideries (I’m 73, now)
    One way to get around the “tapemeasure” game is take a piece of string. Measure your bust. Tie a single knot. Next, measure your waist. Tie two knots, one on top of the other. The end of the string, is the hip. Go, for it!

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