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(In)visible bodies

As a fat lady in Australia, I don’t have many options when it comes to brands that make clothes in my size in styles that I love. What I do have is an immense amount of privilege as a white, able-bodied person, a decent amount of disposable income and a bit of spare time here and there to sew my own clothes. Learning to sew and make beautiful garments in prints and styles that I love has been revolutionary. I adore bright colours, loud prints, and over the top patterns. I don’t give a shit about rules, particularly rules about how fat women should dress. I will wear a floral skirt with a striped shirt and a rainbow cardigan. I will wear a multicoloured dress with bright red tights and a sparkly jacket. I love that my wardrobe practically screams ‘my body is here and it is beautiful and it is celebrated’. Slowly but surely, sewing has helped to heal my relationship with my body and has made my wardrobe more ethical and environmentally friendly than it could ever be if I exclusively purchased ready-to-wear garments. 

So why is it that sewing makes me feel so visible yet so incredibly invisible at the same time?